Thursday, June 26, 2014

I was about to throw away my big puffy wedding dress until......

This summer my family has been on a mission to free ourselves of lots of stuff we don't use everyday. We have donated tons of toys, clothes, kitchen stuff and some furniture. So far it has been such a wonderfully freeing experience. I was talking to my best friend last week about the experience and somehow it led to the focus of my wedding dress just hanging in my closet, taking up space, never being used. She suggested letting the my girls use it for dress-up.

So, today I did just that. Cora, 7, and Emma, 4, had fun dressing up in mom's big puffy princess wedding dress. I starting thinking how it would be sweet to see them dress up each year around our anniversary, June 29. How special would it to see them grow into it. I don't expect them at all to want to wear my dress on their special day. In fact, I have had thoughts of just donating it, but this was so special today, that I will continue to hold on to it.....a little longer. Especially after, when Cora tried it on, she said that she is going to wear this when she gets married.

I love my little ladies. Oh, and I put my woven white scarf on Emma and shawl on Cora because my dress is strapless.....just I little too "mature" for my ladies right now;)