Thursday, May 15, 2014

Holy Week; Easter Sunday

This Easter I had the honor to have my Easter Woven Panels back up at Jacob's Well, along with my white Easter Shawl that I wove last year during the Saturday Night Vigil. This white shawl was apart of my seven piece Lent Shawl series. Last year during Lent I wove each week a new shawl that was placed on the cross in the Prayer Chapel. Click this LINK to see the images. During the Saturday Night Vigil I wove the all white shawl. 

This year we moved the shawls to the cross in the sanctuary. Each week of Lent I placed a shawl on the cross and during the Saturday Night Vigil that was held 7:00pm-midnight, I took a shawl off the cross every hour. Right before midnight the cross was bare, symbolizing Christ's death. And at midnight, I placed the white shawl on the cross symbolizing, He Is Risen.

I was thrilled to share the stage sanctuary with the beautiful artwork of Jannele Mastin. She made these lovely hand-cut paper cut flower strung from the ceiling. She is incredibly gifted, creative and wonderful artist. She blew my breathe away by her beautiful installation. Thank you Jannelle for all your hardwork. 

This was a special Easter Sunday as well with our first every Jacob's Well Choir lead by Ali Ebright.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Weaving this Saturday at Leedy-Voulkos Art Center

One Thread at a Time, Loom Installation.....(a few mistakes corrected. lessoned learned:)

I can breath again..... A week has gone by since my First Friday Opening at Leedy-Voulkos Art Center in Kansas City. This Leedy gives you two months with your work up.  I was scheduled for April and May. This worked out great for me because about nine months ago I had a vision of making a large piece that was connected somehow to my little loom. When crunch time came in March with only a few weeks left to create pieces, I knew I was running out of time for my loom piece. With encouragement from my husband and some close friends, I decided to put the idea on hold until May's First Friday Opening. April's First Friday went great (will post photos soon) but I knew something was still missing. That feeling was confirmation that I had to create the loom piece for next month. I had the month of April to hand-dye all my yarn and weave away 13 yards on my big loom, along with setting up 15 yards of shades of blue yarn as my background piece. (I will post more photos soon of all my pieces.)

 It took me three days to set up my loom and I made one big mistake. In all my nine years of weaving I had never set up my loom without using paper to separate my warp threads on the warp beam. I had 11 yards wound on my little loom.

I was crossing my fingers and hoping that it wouldn't make a difference but I learned quickly after weaving four inches and breaking three threads. So, I guess lessoned learned, using paper with your warp yarn really does help with creating equal tension when it is time to weave. 

Here are some photos of me fixing my mistake. 

Cutting out all the four inches I wove last week.

Unwinding all 11 yards off the back beam.

Cutting paper to be placed in between my warp yarn threads.

Re-winding my warp threads using paper this time.

Because my tension was so off, I wasted more than a 10 inches of yarn in the middle of my scarf warp. (Sorry, if this doesn't make much sense;)

Re-weaving again.

I will be weaving each week, most Saturdays during the month of May, on my loom. These times will be open gallery hours. Be checking my blog and facebook for announcements on times.