Sunday, May 3, 2015

Artist INC Kansas City Class of Spring 2015

(Photograph came from Artist, Inc Facebook Page.)

On Monday April 27th, I finished my nine-week Artist, INC class in Kansas City. Here's what Artist INC is all about. 

"Artist INC is a cutting edge training seminar that addresses the specific business needs and challenges artists of all disciplines face every day. Limited to 25 participants per session, artists gather for one night a week for eight weeks to learn business skills specific to their art practice and apply those skills cooperatively with their peers. Using an innovative class design, artists learn and grow together through artist facilitator mentoring, small group application activities, as well as large group discussion and multi-media lecture. Now in its seventh year, the Artist INC workshop has been completed by more than 300 Kansas City artists. "

This was extremely beneficial for me in many ways. The last time I was in a classroom setting was when I was attending KCAI in 2003-2007. Most of you know that my husband and I found out we were expecting our first daughter, Cora, right before my senior year. She was born at the end of December in 2006. So when I graduated with a four month old daughter, I made a decision that I wanted to find a balance everyday to be a healthy wife, mom and an artist. It has been extremely hard sometimes but extremely rewarding at the same time. I would't have it any other way. The beauty in my children help inspire my work on a daily basis. And the balance of working when I can find time in between naps and while they are at friends and my parents house, and at night, helps me to not take studio time for granted. Owning and running my own art business can be exhausting while balancing motherhood. I am in charge of not only creating but marketing and selling my artwork. So, this class helped me in areas of my business and art that I have needed help with for years. It was a pleasure to also meet other artists and be encouraged and inspired by their stories, art, struggles and success. I will miss my Monday night classes and classmates.  

Down below are the list of artist I got to spend the last nine weeks with. 

Elaine Buss
Morgan Cooper
Betse Ellis
Emily Evans Sloan
Noor Higley
Brian Huther 
Camry Ivory
Jesse Kates
Michael McClintock
Sydney Pener
Danielle Prestidge
Cydney Ross
Michael Schliefke
Calvin Scott
Brandon Segelke
Phil Shafer
Anson the Ornery
Jen Watson
Paul Wenske 
Casey Whittier
Don Wilkison 
Clarke Wyatt 
Cody Wyoming