Sunday, August 17, 2014

Traveling the World with My Ribbon Wand

These photos were posted on Facebook by my friend Jessica Reusch. To make this easy on myself I will just post her post. :) 
"So, one of the best photos from our wedding day was this photo of our dear friend,Debbie Barrett-Jones, showing her unbridled enthusiasm for us. Our other dear friend, Tom Tate, made Debbie into a meme...and it's one of my new favorite things."

New Scarves to Come

Finally finished tying all 530+ knots to finish both ends of these eight new scarves.... Now off to washing, ironing, trimming, photographing, editing and posting online....but that all must wait for now. The girls and I are going to the The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and having a picnic on the lawn. Message me if you want to join. #loomweavingwednesday

Last Few Weeks of Summer with My Girls

We have had a very busy, fun and productive last few weeks of summer. Here are a few photos of my girls along with my sweet Cora making and selling more good to help raise money for her and her sister's school trip to France. She was also giving them away to people at Powell Gardens, First Friday Art Openings and just last week to a volunteer gardener at our favorite place in KCMO, Kauffman Memorial Gardens. I am going to miss my Cora Bear. She starts school on Tuesday. (Also, check out their shop and blog.)

Selling rainbow loom bracelets at Rockhurst High School.
And time weaving in next to me in our craft room. 

Playing around with new yarn for Cora's creations

I love to live, create & discover art everyday. 

Bouncy house at Rockhurst High School where my husband works.