Thursday, May 15, 2014

Holy Week; Easter Sunday

This Easter I had the honor to have my Easter Woven Panels back up at Jacob's Well, along with my white Easter Shawl that I wove last year during the Saturday Night Vigil. This white shawl was apart of my seven piece Lent Shawl series. Last year during Lent I wove each week a new shawl that was placed on the cross in the Prayer Chapel. Click this LINK to see the images. During the Saturday Night Vigil I wove the all white shawl. 

This year we moved the shawls to the cross in the sanctuary. Each week of Lent I placed a shawl on the cross and during the Saturday Night Vigil that was held 7:00pm-midnight, I took a shawl off the cross every hour. Right before midnight the cross was bare, symbolizing Christ's death. And at midnight, I placed the white shawl on the cross symbolizing, He Is Risen.

I was thrilled to share the stage sanctuary with the beautiful artwork of Jannele Mastin. She made these lovely hand-cut paper cut flower strung from the ceiling. She is incredibly gifted, creative and wonderful artist. She blew my breathe away by her beautiful installation. Thank you Jannelle for all your hardwork. 

This was a special Easter Sunday as well with our first every Jacob's Well Choir lead by Ali Ebright.

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