Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Spring in My House

On Monday I took down three wall hangings that were up for two weeks in my living room. Of course I was so grateful for taking the down because I installed them in their new home later that day. The only bad thing was I had a blank wall to work with. A couple of days ago I was mentally going through all my weavings in my head trying to figure out what I could use to make my turquoise blank wall better and I remembered a seven panel piece I did for my senior show at KCAI.
Transition Seven Sheer Handwoven Panels With a little time trying to figure how it would work on the wall, I decided to use the three larger panels in my living room and the four small ones in our bedroom. I am very pleased with the results and lOVE to see spring colors on my walls.
This photo is of me trying to figure out if I should tied the bottom and the top of the weaving together to make it half the length. This is a photo from inside the loop that was formed at the bottom. I am really happy I tried so I got this photo but REALLY happy I didn't keep it that way.

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