Thursday, February 6, 2014

RE-Create Yarn Necklace Free Giveaway!!!!

I am giving away this yarn necklace made with yarns from my next RE-Create Scarves. I will be posting them on my Etsy, BillySueTextiles, soon. This yarn necklace is made of hand-dyed cotton yarn in w gradation from fuchsia to spice, along with hand-dyed gray tencel yarn and dark gray acrylic yarn. 

Three days ago, Kansas City got eight plus inches of snow. Now I am not a big fan of cold or snow. And on top of the bad weather a I noticed that there was some sort of leak in my basement/studio causing 1/5 of my carpet to get wet. I have a huge phobia of water in my basement. Yesterday I was in such a bad mood. Feeling overwhelmed with the bad weather, and yet another thing gone wrong in our house to pay for. I decided that taking a nap would be the best thing for me. When I woke up I was inspired to create a free giveaway for my admirers. I find it best, when I am all consumed by worry, the best thing to do is put my focus on others. So this one is for one of you.

*****TO ENTER****All you have to do is;

1) Read about my RE-Create Project and hopefully be inspired to be resourceful and creative with what you have.

2) Like my image on Facebook, BillySue Textiles.

3) And write as a comment on my Facebook image what your favorite color combination is?

That is all!!! Last day to enter is Monday, 2/10. I will be randomly drawing my winner next Tuesday, 2/11 and will want to contact my winner asap to ship this off.....for FREE:) Be sure to check my Facebook for the winner around noon. 

BTW We are on our third snow day and things seem to be getting better, drying up. Thank God!!

I will be posting more Free Giveaways so be sure to be checking like me on Facebook to get my announcements. Thank you and Good Luck!!

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