Monday, February 11, 2013

Lent Installation for Jacob's Well Church

I cannot believe how soon Lent is starting this year. Ash Wednesday is this Wednesday February the 13th. The church that I go to celebrates this sacred season. I went to church since I was a baby but never knew what Lent was all about. My husband and I have gone to Jacob's Well Church in Westport here in Kansas City for eight years. I am so grateful for the new experiences I am learning. There is a prayer chapel located near the sanctuary where a few of us are helping to create a "Sacred Space" for the Lent season. I am making kind of an installation piece that will be changing weekly. Each week I will be adding a new scarf to the cross to represent the weight the Jesus carried. There will be five scarves that will be purple for the five weeks of lent, one black scarf for Good Friday and one white for Easter. Each scarf will be woven loosely in the middle about 100" and at both 4 yards of fringe that will be draped on the floor. I am not quite sure how it will all turn out but I am excited. Here are some images of the process so for. Two days ago I dyed all eleven pounds, 33,600 yards of yarn. .....I am still exhausted. Purple tencel yarn that I purchased. This is the first time I ordered already dyes yarn. I paid a little extra, trying to cut some time in the dye process. Planning to over dye the warp thread using different shades of black dye.

Measuring out 10 yards of yarn for each scarf
I am also going to dye white for shades of gray yarn. I am not quiet sure how I am going to use it.
I bundled all five warps, each have ten yard warp of purple and ten yard warp of white that are folded in the middle. Making it five yards each to dye. Then I all five bundles of warp in a row, some overlapping a little, to make a seventeen yard yarn "rope"? I am not sure what to call it. I tied a white piece of cotton thread to section off each yard so I know where to put each yard when I was dyeing.
I also winded some single skeins of yarn.
Almost ready to dye all eleven pounds of yarn on this 50degree Saturday.
Time to dye..... I really hate this part.
So unfortunately I learned something about trying to over dye already dyed yarn from a company. No matter how much dye you use, it doesn't "set" into the yarn as well as you think.
Soooooo much of the dye rinsed out. Many hours of rinsing. I am still recovering.
Now drying the yarn. Although I wanted the yarn to turn out darker, this will have to do.
Threading a new pattern on my loom.

Weaving away


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