Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Something Old

In May of 2006, right before my senior year at KCAI, my husband and I found out we were expecting our first baby. I remember the mixture of pure joy and extreme fear at the same time. That summer I took an independent study at school that focused on color study. I dyed more than sixty colors in mercerized and unmercerized cotton and then wove two large panels using the yarn.

I remember during the whole project and especially during the set up on my loom and weaving, how much I thought about this baby growing in my belly. Daydreaming and praying for this child and the change she would bring in my life.

I also remember how funny it was to stand back and look at my work to see how my baby influenced it. They turned out so pastel like(hehe).

For more than six years I have had these two panels packed up in a box. Finally I think it is time to hem the ends and hang them up in their rooms.

Here is an image I took this afternoon of one. I will post more when I install tomorrow.

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