Thursday, April 4, 2013

Preparations for Saturday Vigil

Here are some images of the preparation that went on the week of Easter. Cora had spring break. So both girls went up to Iowa for 5 days. I got so much done during that time. 

I decided last minute that I wanted to create a yarn background. Here is the start of the warp for the dark background.

Then woven on the loom. I wove three inches at the top and three at the bottom that would be hemmed for a metal rod to go through and be hung from. 

Here's the warp for the medium background.

Each old thread is tied to a new thread.

Tea time

Medium woven

Light warp

Snack time

This was taken the Tuesday of Holy Week. I just started setting up my loom with my last white shawl and put up the first two dark yarn background panels.

Working hours on this shawl warp I had to restart on Good Friday with a new all white 100% tencel warp. The original shawl was a mixture of cotton, linen, wool, silk and cotton. The different threads got so twisted up that it was extremely hard to work with. I made a decision to restart. 

I needed to watch some Arrested Development to help with my exhaustion and frustration with my project. 

If you look closely, you can see tiny lint balls. These are SOOOOOOO annoying. Every 8-10 inches of warp you have to brush threw to help align and separate each thread. What slows you down are these darn lint balls multiple threads are connected to. My hands and fingers get sore from all this and my brush actually causes me to bleed sometime. There are a few areas with spots of blood on this white  shawl. 
I just calculated that I worked with a total of 4,650 individual threads on my little and big loom. Which in total was 1,508,760 yards of yarn.......OH MY GOSH!!!! (and that doesn't count the yarn that I wove with called the weft yarn.)

Thirty minutes before the service and I got everything ready just in time.

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